A great first European DrupalCon for amazee.io

Every time I get on a plane to attend a DrupalCon, I run into someone else from the Drupal community on the flight. This time it was Larry Garfield (Crell). We got a chance to talk while we waited to board the plane.

Later, after finding my way into Dublin city center (way too early on Saturday morning), I found a cafe that had just opened. As soon as I sat down, the first person to walk through the door was Donna Benjamin (kattekrab). Such a small Drupal world! Both of these encounters were a great start for my DrupalCon Dublin week.

My schedule for the week was pretty packed, which, for me, is how you get the most out of DrupalCon. My colleagues bore my scheduling with grace. Michael jokes about it, “Never give Johanna access to your calendar…”

Never give Johanna access to your calendar…”

I really enjoyed checking in on the Business Summit on Monday, even if I did not get a chance to sit through the full event. There was too much to do, and preparing for the many meetings still to come.

amazee.io shared a booth with Amazee Labs in the exhibit hall, and during the Opening Reception I got to meet all the Icelanders in attendance. This amazing group is putting on Drupal Camp Northern Lights, Iceland’s first Drupal Camp next year in February.

The Iceland contingent

After the opening reception, it was time for the infamous Amazee party, which took place on a bus and offered a historic twist on traditional tours. A group of about 80 Drupalers split up into two big busses and we took off on a journey through time to learn about hunger, ghosts, and grave robbers in Ireland long ago. There was even some singing! We had a blast.

Historical haunted tour and in-character tour guide

Tuesday through Thursday the amazee.io team had back-to-back meetings, running demos of our new platform. I am not taking any credit of running demos, Michael and Bastian took care of that. We got a lot of great feedback and it was great to see how our product is filling a gap in the market.

amazee.io demos

In between constant meetings and booth demos, both Bastian and Michael each also presented a session. The week was very busy but the amazee.io team did get one chance to sit together and have lunch.

From left to right: Johanna Bergmann, Michael Schmid, Bastian Widmer

Last but not least, what DrupalCon post is complete without a review of the venue? The conference center was amazing and the food was really good. The Drupal Association did a great job. Congrats to the planning team!

DrupalCon Dublin was a success for amazee.io; new business alliances were formed and we’re already planning for the future. We’re so happy to have participated. We’ll see all our Drupal friends again when we attend DrupalCon next year in Baltimore and Vienna!