is going to DrupalCon Dublin

Image courtesy Michael Cannon May 10, 2016

In two weeks the and Amazee Labs team will be busy building the Amazee booth on the exhibit floor at DrupalCon Dublin. This will be the first DrupalCon where has its own presence on the exhibit floor, and we’re pretty excited about that.

This will be my 8th DrupalCon and my 4th DrupalCon in Europe. I have learned a few things about how to get the most of the event, but there are four main things that really make a difference:

  1. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, so you can participate from morning into the night
  2. Keep a refillable water bottle, and keep it filled. It is important to stay hydrated
  3. Have a few protein bars in your backpack, sometimes there is no time to get food
  4. I also always bring my own stash of green tea sachets, so I always have a supply

I have some great stories from attending DrupalCon in the past. One of my favorite stories is from Barcelona last year. I was really excited about going to Barcelona, due to the fact my old friend from Iceland is living there, so I made sure to have some time to spend with her before the conference and meet her family. It had been years since we last met so we were going to make the most of it.

When I showed up in Barcelona, my friend had just decided to leave her current job and was getting ready to find a new one. After a lovely weekend, I showed up on Monday at the Business Summit and ended up in a conversation with a Drupal agency owner who was looking to grow into new markets and needed someone that could work with them.

I dropped my friend’s name (knowing she can move mountains) and my friend, who at the time had no idea what Drupal was and no intention to work in a web agency, was hired the week after DrupalCon Barcelona.

This year, I will be meeting that same friend again in Dublin and we are going to celebrate her one-year work anniversary!

If you are heading to Dublin for DrupalCon, we’d love to chat. Magic things happen when Drupalers meet face to face!

The team is excited to connect with the community and share information about our hosting platform, so contact us today to schedule a meeting.

See you in Dublin!