@ J on the Beach 2017

J on the Beach… interesting name, isn’t it?

J on The Beach (JoTB) is a conference that has been celebrated in Málaga, Spain for the last 3 years. The organizers describe this event as “an international rendezvous for developers and DevOps around big data technologies”, and that’s exactly what it is.

Celebrated in a building with some expositions and public spaces, JoTB offers 3 tracks, a workshops day, a ‘hack-a-thon’, and a few after-hours events.

JoTB gathers talks from international speakers designed to be of interest to both devops people and developers, with topics ranging from quantum computing to docker security or distributed architectures. It does not matter which language you use to develop, the topics are language agnostic — you would probably enjoy them regardless if you work with data or servers.

Even though I was not able to attend every talk (I missed two good ones about process isolation and OpenShift due to work tasks and calls), I found the talks I did catch inspiring. A couple of times I wasn’t able to choose between tracks, and I have to say that I love conferences that make me choose. It means all the options are great! It’s like going to a film festival or being back in university again.

Next year I will schedule time off so I can join the JoTB hackathon and workshops.