DrupalCon Vienna — here we come!

amazee.io is a Platinum sponsor at DrupalCon Vienna, and we appreciate the opportunity to support the last DrupalCon Europe conference in it’s current form. We are looking forward to meeting community members, talking about our open-sourced code, and telling all of you about what amazee.io is offering today.

I personally enjoy attending DrupalCon Europe because of the diversity. Walking through the halls at DrupalCon I see that while we come from different parts of the world and honor different cultures, we are all part of one amazing community. I love hearing English spoken with many different accents, including, I suppose, my own (though I can’t hear it). It has been a real treat when sponsors share a piece of their culture. Some of my favorites include the cardamom spiced coffee from Vardot in Jordan, Swiss chocolate from the Amazee team, and the energy bracelets and massage rings from Add Websolutions from India..

This will be my fifth and final DrupalCon Europe, but I also know that the spirit and diversity of the Drupal community, in Europe and worldwide, will continue through other events. I, like many others, will be attending more European camps next year and I hope that the European Drupal community will find a way to thrive and grow the diverse profile our project has successfully provided us for many years

See you in Vienna!