Part of Something Bigger:’s In-Kind Partnerships.

At we are proud to offer Drupal hosting for developers. The Drupal community is a tight-knit community based on an commitment to open source and lifelong learning. We are proud to offer in kind sponsorships to several Drupal groups and events and want to share with our community the great things they are doing.

Events we were proud to support in 2016 and 2017

Drupal Iron Camp — November 24–27, 2016

Drupal Iron camp held its first event in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016. A Drupal conference

organized by joint Drupal forces from all around Central and Eastern Europe, the goal is to increase the Drupal presence in the area. This event creates a meeting point for those who are interested in what the local professionals can offer to Drupal, and establishes an environment where it is possible and affordable to spend quality time together, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

Drupal Mountain Camp — February 16–19, 2017

In February 2017 the Drupal community from Switzerland and the world gathered in beautiful Davos for the first Drupal Mountain Camp. Attendees enjoyed lot of snow, warm winter coats, Fondue and Code. The social activities every day, demonstrated the beauty of Switzerland after a day of sessions or sprinting.

The Drupal Business and Community Camp — July 14–16, 2017

Combining Drupal development and Drupal Business, this unique camp in Heidelberg is an opportunity for folks from all over the world to build and learn together. Participants can enjoy traditional Drupal camp offerings such as sprints, bird of a feather events, and community sessions, but also have the option of business and community tracks for project management, business, and marketing specific topics.

Capetown Drupalcamp — October 13, 2017

Featuring 11 Informative talks across two tracks, focusing on — Design and UX, Frontend and Sitebuilding, React, Backend and Devops, this event has goals of bringing Drupal professionals, novices, students and clients together, in order to enrich them through a number of informative industry talks, as well as help grow the community in South Africa.

Events we are excited to support in 2018

MidCamp — March 8–11, 2018

MidCamp is an annual event held in Chicago that brings together people who use, develop, design, and support the Web’s leading content management platform, Drupal. Organized by volunteers from the regional Drupal community, this event features curated sessions and panel conversations by internationally-renowned Drupal experts. MidCamp offers attendees the opportunity to increase their Drupal knowledge through networking, code sprints, training, and more.

Front End United — May 31 — June 2, 2018

A non-profit, developer-first, community-focused conference held year in Utrecht, the Netherlands with a focus on UX, Design, Theming, Javascript, Being Human and a slice of Drupal.

Texas Camp — June 2–4, 2018

Texas Camp is a homegrown event with the purpose of bringing the large Texas Drupal community together to get to know each other, share projects and ideas, and help newcomers find their way in the wide open frontier of the Drupal world. The event also offers Training, Sprints, and BOFs (Birds of a Feather peer discussions) for those looking for something a little different.

Colorado Camp — August 3 -5, 2018

Colorado Camp is a 100% volunteer- run event spanning three days of sharing knowledge on how to build, manage, and launch ambitious digital experiences while creating a stronger community in Colorado.” DrupalCamp Colorado is about more than just Drupal. It’s about self improvement, helping each other, and bettering the community.” - Nelson Harris, Volunteer

In addition to these wonderful events, we also support Drupal Romania, Drupal Austria, and Drupal Europe. These are associations for the Drupal Community where members can a can learn about trainings, attend events, and make community connections with fellow Drupalistas.

As we look forward to an exciting new year we renew our commitment to support the community through these in-kind partnerships as well as our other sponsorship opportunities. Here’s to 2018!